Waste Water Treatment Systems

At Popes Hightown Ltd we provide a comprehensive specialist service for all types of foul water and surface water installations, repairs and maintenance. Our clients range from domestic properties to private estate landowners and businesses of all sizes.

We have over 25 years’ experience installing sewage treatment systems, soakaway systems, grease traps, interceptors and all associated pipework across the North West of England.

For properties without main sewer connections we can install a sewage treatment plant. These treatment plants use an aerobic biological process for treating the sewage to a high level, meaning that the `treated effluent` approved by the environment agency can be sent into a watercourse or a soakaway if ground conditions allow.

From 1st January 2020, the law changed and if you have a septic tank that discharges directly to a surface water drain, you need to replace or upgrade your treatment system, as failure to comply can result in substantial fines from the Environment agency.

Now that this is a legal requirement, any property being sold with a septic tank will have to be compliant with the new legislation and prove that discharge to a watercourse is not part of the current system.

In most situations, this will require the replacement of the existing septic tank with an appropriately sized sewage treatment plant either discharging to an adjacent water course or into a newly designed infiltration field (more commonly known as a soakaway).

On older properties, this will require building regulatory approval to prove legal compliance with the current legislation. On new-build properties this will also need planning permission.

Contact us to arrange a site visit where we will come out, discuss your requirements and carry out a site assessment which will enable us to determine the size and type of sewage treatment plant that we recommend to use.

Waste water treatment services

  • Installation of waste water treatment systems
  • Maintenance and repair of waste water treatment plants
  • High pressure drain jetting

Please get in touch for more information on any other services you require.