At Popes Hightown Ltd, we have various specialised trenching machines of between 6 and 40 tonne, capable of installing drainage pipe from 600mm to 6 metres deep, for pipe sizes between 60mm and 360mm.

We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of land drainage in both the agricultural and construction industries, with particular expertise in field drainage spanning more than 50 years.

Our clients range from farmers and private land owners to construction companies and local authorities.

From initial consultation, we will help to design and install the most suitable and effective drainage systems to most suit the land conditions and budget that you have. After your initial enquiry, we will arrange a no obligation, free of charge meeting to come and assess the areas in question, looking at any existing drainage plans and taking thorough land and water levels. From this, we will be able to draw up a plan to suit your specific requirements.

Land drainage is a long term investment in your land and therefore drainage packages need to be considered very thoroughly. For agricultural land, high quality drainage can not only be the difference between having a crop to harvest and a complete loss, but also the difference between being able to access the land for sowing, nurturing and harvesting. The benefits far exceed the expense, particularly when considering a quality drainage system now has a typical 30 year lifespan, with well-maintained systems having the potential to last significantly longer.

We provide the best quality materials possible at the most competitive prices available because high quality pipe and aggregates are key elements in guaranteeing the lifespan of drainage systems. Upon completion of drainage works, we also provide an in depth drainage plan for your future reference.

Drainage Services

  • Agricultural land drainage
  • Pipeline drainage
  • Sports field drainage i.e. Golf courses, Football pitches, Rugby pitches etc.
  • High pressure drain jetting
  • Equestrian arena drainage
  • Drainage investigation work

Recent Projects

  • Molyneux Kale Company – Agricultural drainage scheme.
  • SED Services Ltd – New land drainage schemes installed, drain-jetting of existing drains along with cleaning and re-grading of existing ditches.
  • P.A. Wilkinson – Agricultural drainage scheme.
  • Quantil Ltd – Agricultural drainage scheme, installation of new access tracks along with site-levelling for new greenhouse bases.
  • T.R. Silcock – Agricultural drainage scheme.
  • J Heyes & Sons – Agricultural drainage scheme.