Specialist Trenching

We are the only UK operators of a specialist Mastenbroek horizontal de-watering deep trencher, capable of laying drainage pipe up to 6 metres deep or trenching for other applications up to 10 metres deep.

It can be used for horizontal de-watering on sites and pipelines to reduce the water table, soil stabilisation projects and soil mixing for cut-off walls; along with construction sites, load-bearing areas, water-extraction systems for irrigation purposes and deep drainage for cemeteries.

Our deep trencher would be the perfect solution to strengthen soils beneath load-bearing areas, such as roads, railway embankments and industrial units.

We are also experienced in using our deep trencher where river embankments or flood defence levees require reinforcing.

Our specialised horizontal de-watering trencher installs pipes on grade using laser across undulating and saturated ground.

Specialist Trenching Services

  • Site de-watering
  • Deep drainage
  • Irrigation
  • Soil stabilisation projects
  • Soil mixing for cut-off walls

Recent Projects

  • Blakesley Estates (Lyme Regis) Limited – Deep drainage scheme installed to lower the water table, ensuring land stabilisation in preparation for housing development.
  • Formby Ladies Golf Club – Installing a ground water extraction main for irrigation purposes.
  • Rodio Kronsa; Bilbao, Spain – Construction of a cut-off wall around an industrial site using a soil-mixing method providing a low permeability barrier to alleviate the flow of groundwater and any contaminants that it contained.
  • Bachy Soletanche; Broadway, Worcestershire – Creating a cut-off wall along a river bank to provide extra flood defence for the low-lying land.
  • Balfour Beatty; Sutton Coldfield – Deep drainage scheme installed in preparation for a cemetery extension.